Buyers understand the importance of a home inspection in the home buying process. It helps uncover potential problems that might not be caught on a regular walkthrough. But did you know that Tucson sellers benefit from home inspections, too? It's true. And, oftentimes, for the exact same reasons.

Home inspections aren't just for buyers. A pre-listing home inspection gives Tucson sellers valuable insight into what potential problems they should address before putting their home on the market.

Why Tucson Sellers Should Have a Home Inspection Performed

Identify Potential Problems

First of all (and, possibly, most importantly), Tucson sellers need a pre-listing home inspection to identify potential problems. That way, you're not surprised when the buyer eventually gets theirs done. When you have a pre-listing home inspection done, you get to decide which issues you can tackle first and which may not be in the budget. 

Save Money on Fixing Problems

Speaking of budgets, a pre-listing home inspection allows Tucson sellers to save money on repairs. How? It gives them time to fix these concerns. With time, you can shop around to negotiate the best prices. Once fixed, these potential negatives turn into definite positives. You can show the buyer that they inherit a brand new roof, an overhauled electrical system, updated appliances, etc. They will be less likely to come back to the negotiating table with a list of items to be fixed or request credits to fix issues that their home inspector found.

If repairs cost more than your budget allows, complete your due diligence. Get estimates for repairs from three reputable companies. Do this for any major repair needed. These can be presented to the buyer if they come back to you asking for a discount on the sale price to pay for repairs.

Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

When Tucson sellers perform an official pre-listing inspection, they show buyers that they were proactive in making sure the home was ready for a new owner. This instills trust. It also saves time. That's good news for all parties concerned.

Before you put your Tucson home on the market, have a professional home inspection performed. They cost the same as the buyer's home inspection. But they can save you so much in terms of time and money down the road.

Rebecca Schulte, Schulte Real Estate Group, Your Source for Tucson Real Estate