Technology is on an ever-evolving road. While we may not all be driving flying cars...yet...we still are leaps and bounds above anything we've ever seen before. Our smartphones hold more technology than what was used to put a man on the moon. And the idea of passenger flights to the moon is closer to becoming a reality than ever before. As we begin to rely more heavily on technology in our everyday lives, it makes sense that smart home features stick out in buyers' minds when looking at houses. According to an Innotech article from August 2018, 81% of people who utilize smart home devices in their current home want properties with smart home technology already installed in them when purchasing a new home. If you're interested in selling your Tucson home in the future, what are the top smart home features you need to have in order to appeal to buyers?

Today's buyers are looking for properties with smart home features already installed in them. They're even willing to pay more for those houses. But which features are they looking for the most?

Top Smart Home Features Buyers Want

Smart Security Systems

At the top of most Tucson home buyers' list of smart home features is a smart security system. I've spoken before about how a home security system increases the chances of your home sale. We all want to feel safe and secure in our own homes. For a couple hundred dollars installed, your home, property, and family can be protected. And buyers like to see this system in place before they even move in. PC Mag reviews all the technology on the market to see which products provide the best service to the consumer. They choose Vivint, LifeShield, Abode, and SimpliSafe as their top picks for Best Smart Home Security Systems.

Smart Thermostats

One of the easiest smart home features to add to your Tucson property is a smart thermostat. Many of these devices "learn" your family's day-to-day habits as far as temperature regulation goes. They automatically adjust to accommodate your lifestyle. In turn, these systems save anywhere from 10-12% of your household's heating and cooling costs. Nest and Ecobee4 rank high on PC Mag's list of the Best Smart Thermostats currently on the market.

Smart Appliances

Next, we turn to smart home appliances. No longer are we content with our appliances being simply energy-efficient. Buyers want even more. How about a smart refrigerator that controls the temperature for maximum food freshness, lets you create a grocery list, searches for recipes online, and even allows you to listen to music while you cook? The Samsung App Fridge provides all of that and more. LG's ThinQ line includes a refrigerator that adjusts its energy usage to ease up during peak times and take advantage during off-peak periods. They also have a washer and dryer that can be scheduled to wash during off-peak times, too. This lowers energy consumption costs. LG's smart oven allows you to download some preprogrammed recipes so that your roasts, bread, and other baked goods come out perfect each time. You can even check on your dinner while kicking it out by the pool or watching a movie with the family at home directly from any mobile device. 

Smart Lighting Systems

Finally, buyers look for better lighting systems in their smart home features. Changing over to LED lights is great. But how about the ability to control every light in every room directly from your smartphone? Phillips offers several different models, as does Wiz and Sylvania. Think about it. You're on vacation but you don't want anyone to know that no one is at your Tucson house. Leaving lights on in several rooms while you're away for a week can be costly. An astute thief might recognize that these are the only rooms with lights on all the time, too. Change things up by switching lights on and off throughout the household at various times and in various rooms while you're gone. This adds another layer of security.

Even if you aren't thinking about selling your Tucson home right away, these smart home features make your life a little easier. And, when you do decide to sell, your home looks much more appealing to buyers. They're willing to pay more if a house already includes these features. So, installing them in your household right now would be a great idea.

Rebecca Schulte, Schulte Real Estate Group, Your Source for Tucson Real Estate