People sell their homes for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, a new job takes you out of your city. Others need a larger space for their growing family. Yet others find themselves in an "empty nest" situation and need to downsize. Downsizing can be a little tricky for some homeowners. Here are a few tips you can use for successfully downsizing your Tucson home without regrets.

Are you considering downsizing your Tucson home? Use these simple tips to make the process a little easier on your heart and make a successful transition without regrets.

Downsizing Your Tucson Home

Better Sooner Than Later

Search Tucson homes for saleDon't wait until your kids are completely out of the house or for your mortgage to be paid off before downsizing your Tucson home. If the last of your kids plans on moving out in the next six months, start your smaller Tucson home search now. Also, the older we get, the harder it is to move. Bad backs. Sore muscles. A debilitating disease. Not fun things to think about, but the tendency for these to happen increases as we get older. If downsizing your Tucson home is a definite priority for you, start the search now. Your kids can handle a smaller place for a little while. Meanwhile, they can also help you get everything moved and situated right now.

Downsizing in Stages

Instead of tackling everything all at once, consider downsizing your Tucson home room by room. Talk to your kids about what items of yours they might want that you don't plan on taking with you to the new place. But make sure that they will take the furniture, dishes, artwork, etc. before you move. Otherwise, storing things that they might want later won't help you accomplish your downsizing goal. Donate what you can. Or, hold a yard sale and make a couple of bucks without having to haul your extra stuff away. You can also contact places like ReStore (Habitat for Humanity's second-hand store), Goodwill or the Salvation Army to come pick up large items you don't have room for but would like someone else to be able to use.

Is it Going to Fit?

When downsizing your Tucson home, you need to measure the rooms in your new house. Then, measure the furniture you decided to keep. If the pieces aren't going to fit, donate them to an individual or an organization before you move. Only take what will actually fit into your new place. 

No Regrets

Most of us hold on to things much longer than we need to. We attach sentimental value to items that have no monetary value to them. Let the "stuff" go. You can always take pictures of the things you like most before you get rid of them. Digital picture frames allow you to store hundreds of photos in one small space. Then, you can look at that photo and relive the same memories you had when holding that exact object. It's an easier way to downsize without leaving your memories behind.

Have you had to downsize your home or a family member's home in the past? What words of wisdom can you give to make this sometimes difficult process a little easier for a Tucson homeowner? Please leave your tips in the comments below.

Rebecca Schulte, Schulte Real Estate Group, Your Source for Tucson Real Estate