If you want to sell your home, right now is a great time to do so. Low inventory and high buyer demand translate into a higher sales price. This puts more money into the seller's pocket. But if you wish to buy a Tucson home, you need to get yourself in a position to pounce when the opportunity presents itself. How? By following a few simple yet effective tips.

When buying a Tucson home in a seller's market, you need to make sure all of your ducks are in a row before you even start looking at properties so that you're ready to submit your offer as soon as you find "the one".

How to Buy a Tucson Home in a Seller's Market

Money, Money, Money

Search Tucson homes for saleFirst and foremost, get your financing in order. While this is important any time you want to buy a Tucson home, it rings especially true when you find yourself buying a property in a seller's market. Check your credit score. It needs to be in the best shape possible to receive the best interest rates possible. Then, meet with your lender to put your home loan application in motion. Receiving approval for a loan before you even look at houses helps you narrow your focus on only properties you know you qualify to buy. Plus, it makes your offer that much stronger when you add financial proof to the mix. It also decreases the amount of time spent in escrow, especially if you can get it to the underwriter before you find the Tucson home you want to buy.

No Dilly-Dallying

You might prefer searching for homes on the weekend. That's usually when we tend to have more time to look. But, in a seller's market, a really good property listed on a Tuesday or Wednesday may not remain on the market on Saturday or Sunday. So, be ready to tour a property when your agent tells you about it, even on a weeknight...or during your lunch break.

Be Decisive

Make a list of exactly what you need. How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? Garage size? What size home and lot do you want? What part of town? Do you desire a turn-key, move-in ready Tucson home or are you willing to put a little elbow grease into it? How old of a property are you willing to deal with? Also, let your agent know what you absolutely don't want, ie a long commute, tiny or non-existent backyard, etc. Cosmetic things like paint and carpet can easily be changed. Other things cannot. The more specific you can be, the easier it is for your agent to steer you towards homes that fit your ideals without wasting your time on properties that won't work for you.

Keep Your Offer Sweet and Simple

Some contingencies make sense to keep. A home inspection contingency protects you in case your inspector unveils a serious problem during the inspection. But adding other contingencies may harm your offer's chances of acceptance in a seller's market. Obtaining pre-approval for your home loan ahead of time allows you to skip the loan approval contingency. You might also want to consider selling your current Tucson home before buying another one. That alleviates the need to add a home sale contingency to your offer. It also makes your offer look that much better to a seller. However, if that isn't possible, don't worry. Many homeowners are in the same boat. Bottom line: sellers like to see offers with fewer contingencies in place. That lessens possible complications for completing the home sale.

Add a Personal Touch

Finally, it may sound a little corny, but include a personal letter to the seller with your offer. Let them know what you love about the house. How do you see your family living there? Focus on the positives you like about the house and leave out any changes you might consider making once you move in. This simple personal touch could place your offer on the top of the pile. Talk to your agent about how to craft a letter that makes the most impact.

Rebecca Schulte, Schulte Real Estate Group, Your Source for Tucson Real Estate