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Oct. 8, 2019

Closing Timeline for a Tucson Home Purchase

After mulling over all the reasons not to buy a Tucson home, you bit the bullet and started looking around. You discovered the perfect property in a great location. The seller accepted your offer and then you entered escrow. Now, the waiting begins. How long does closing actually take? That depends on a variety of factors.

Sometimes, it feels like you have to wait forever before closing on a new Tucson home. Avoid making it feel even longer by finding out what slows down the process.

Closing Timeline for a Tucson Home Purchase

Search Tucson homes for saleOn average, it takes approximately 50 days to close on a house. That may sound like an eternity when you want to become a homeowner. But there are certain steps that must be completed in order to make a house your home. A title search, a home inspection, mortgage approval, home appraisal, and homeowner's insurance are just a few steps along the journey to closing. 

What Slows Down the Process?

Mortgage approval tends to take the longest time (around 45 days on average). You should start that part of the process as soon as possible...like before you even look at properties if possible. Including a loan approval letter with your offer puts you ahead of other buyers still waiting for funding.

An appraisal that comes in under the mortgage amount you require holds up the process as well. Lenders shy away from approving a loan for more than the value of the property no matter how high your credit score. Therefore, you'll need to either renegotiate the sale price or bring more cash to the table to make up the difference.

Don't wait until the last minute to secure your homeowner's insurance. It must be in place before signing your final closing documents. Otherwise, you end up waiting. Talk to your current insurance company to put the wheels in motion as soon as you have an address and a sale price.

Finally, can you afford two mortgages? If not, you need to sell your current home before buying a new Tucson home. That could slow down the closing process on your new home. Talk to your Tucson Realtor® about when it would be a good time to put your current home on the market. Sometimes, a leaseback may be in order. Other times, you might have to rent a place until you close on a new one. Discuss your options with your agent.

Rebecca Schulte, Schulte Real Estate Group, Your Source for Tucson Real Estate

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Oct. 1, 2019

Cleaning Chores Best Left to the Pros When Selling Your Tucson Home

You want to put your home up for sale on the Tucson real estate market. You invested in a kitchen remodel because you needed it and knew it would help increase the value of your property. Other upgrades included installing smart home features that so many buyers look for in today's homes. Even those little projects you managed to put off for so long have now been completed. One of the last items on the list? Cleaning. Yes. Before you show your property to any potential buyers or even take photos, you need to make sure your house is cleaned from top to bottom. While some things can easily be tackled by you and your family, other cleaning chores should be left to the pros. They possess both the proper equipment and skills to tackle jobs that might take you several hours. Even after that amount of back-breaking effort on your part, it still might not come out as good as it could. So, when should you call in the cavalry?

While many cleaning chores can be tackled in a DIY manner, others require special attention, skills, and tools to restore them to their former glory. Find out when it's time to call in a professional to tackle your cleaning before you sell your Tucson home.

Cleaning Chores to Leave to the Pros

Upholstered Furniture

Search Tucson homes for saleLet's face it. Day-to-day life gets messy. Spills happen. Over-the-counter cleaning agents tend to discolor upholstered fabric. Time to call in the professionals. They know which cleaners work effectively yet still protect the fabric you need to be cleaned. Also, most companies guarantee their work in case it gets damaged in the clean-up. This works especially well if you own antiques. It also helps remove bad smells like pet and cigarette odors. The last thing you need is to have a buyer leave because your house stinks.

Granite or Marble Counters

Scratches, dings, stains. We put our countertops through a lot every single day. This leaves them looking less than their best...which might not make a very good impression on potential buyers. Not only will a pro clean each surface, but they may also be able to smooth out the dings, get rid of stains, and seal it up to make it look as good as new without all the hassle and money it takes to replace it altogether.


Whether your home features tile floors, counters or showers, dingy grout is never a good look. But instead of scrubbing every nook and cranny with a toothbrush and industrial-strength cleanser, hire a professional to do the work. Put your efforts elsewhere, like shopping for new drawer pulls or accessories.

Exterior Windows

The sun provides a great light source to brighten up the interior of your Tucson home. But, if your windows are covered in dirt and grime, that blocks this beautiful light from streaming inside. Oftentimes, cleaning the outside of the windows can be difficult. That especially rings true with two-story houses. Call a pro to take care of this. Many companies include interior window washing as part of their service fee, saving you a bit of time. 


Whether wood or carpet, your flooring must look its best before buyers check it out. Yes, most home improvement stores and even grocery stores rent out carpet shampooers. However, unless you know exactly what you're doing, you might end up over-soaping the carpets. Also, many of those shampoo rentals aren't as good as what professional carpet cleaners use. They also know how to spot treat certain stains and make them practically disappear. Wood floors require a special touch as well, especially if your floor shows signs of scratches and fading.

You want your home to put its best face forward when you list it on the market. Therefore, it needs a good deep cleaning. Save yourself time, hassle, and the wear and tear on your bones. Hire a pro to take care of the heavy lifting.

Rebecca Schulte, Schulte Real Estate Group, Your Source for Tucson Real Estate

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Sept. 24, 2019

Tucson Meet Yourself 2019

When you think of Tucson, the words "melting pot" instantly spring to mind. We are a culmination of several different cultures converging in one space. As such, we celebrate so many diverse backgrounds, from music to food to history and beyond. At our beloved Tucson Meet Yourself 2019 event, get to know your neighbor better than you could have even imagined. And, best of all, all events come free of charge. 

Tucson Meet Yourself 2019 is a fun, family-friendly event that celebrates each of the various cultures that make Tucson a true melting pot with food, music, art, and so much more.

What: Tucson Meet Yourself 2019
Where: Jacome Plaza, Pennington St, Church Ave & Stone Ave
When: October 11th & 12th, 11 am to 10 pm & October 13th, 11 am to 6 pm
Admission: FREE
Contact: General Info (520) 621-4046 or via email

Tucson Meet Yourself 2019

Celebrate Community

Search Tucson homes for saleFrom live music to live demonstrations, you'll find something for everyone at this year's TMY event. Learn about Sonoran cuisine from food/culture critic Gustavo Arellano. Listen to East LA's Cambalache band perform Spanish music. Sway to the rhythmic beats of Khalil Cummings and his Extra Ancestral ensemble. Celebrate your ancestral heritage the same way Latinos do at the Dia De Los Muertos altars set up at the City Center for Collaborative Learning.

Celebrate Cuisine

Tucson Meet Yourself? How about Tucson Eat Yourself? Every culture brings something to the table at this festival. Enjoy traditional African food alongside African American soul food. Feast on Jamaican jerk favorites while sampling Middle Eastern couscous. Take a tour of the world in food with something from Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Bosnia, Greece, Poland, Russia, and more. Even Native American cuisine is featured in our cultural exploration. One thing's for sure. You won't leave this festival hungry!

Celebrate Art

Folk art is truly the art of the people. And when you bring dozens of folk artists together in one location, you see how each artists' heritage influences their artwork. Meet the artists and hear from them directly about what informed their decisions about how to showcase their talents. Media of all kinds are highlighted here: painting, glasswork, beadwork, basketry, wood carving, jewelry, and so much more are on display.

Celebrate Kids

Don't worry. Your children stay engaged with several activities catered specifically towards them. Learn origami. Receive a henna tattoo. Create your own Navajo bead bracelet. Write beautifully with Arabic calligraphy. Put together your own Mexican paper flowers. Watch live performances from steppers, Polish dancers, Japanese drummers, and more.

As you can see, there really is something for everyone at TMY. You might even have to come back one or two more days to fit everything in!

Rebecca Schulte, Schulte Real Estate Group, Your Source for Tucson Real Estate

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Sept. 17, 2019

Why You Should NOT Buy a Tucson Home Right Now

According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 64% of Americans own homes. It hit a peak of 69% in the mid-2000s, just before the "bubble" burst. We've always had renters. In fact, the recession that hit towards the end of the 2000s caused many former homeowners to become renters again. In the last couple of years, the US real estate market began to come back around. Renters became homeowners. But the financial scare from the recession stayed with many citizens. Is another recession looming around the corner? Am I ready to make a huge financial commitment like a mortgage payment? Should I wait for the market to turn again before I buy? There are some valid reasons why you should not buy a Tucson home right now. But some may be just excuses created from fear. Which one pertains to you?

Why You Should NOT Buy a Tucson Home Right Now

Why You Should NOT Buy a Tucson Home Right Now

I Really Need to Save More Money

Search Tucson homes for saleYes. You need money to purchase a house. And the more you have to put down, the lower your monthly payment will be. However, you might not need as much as you thought you did. Make an appointment with a lender as soon as possible. Even if you don't plan on buying a Tucson home until sometime next year or later, sit down with a lender right now. They can look at your current financial situation and help you develop a plan to get you ready when you do decide to buy a house. You might even qualify for loans right now that don't require a huge downpayment and will get you in a home sooner. That is especially true if you are a current or former member of the military.

Also, keep in mind that prices have consistently gone up over the last couple of years. There's a good chance that this trend will continue into the next year or two and maybe beyond. So, the longer you wait, the more it will cost you to buy a new home. As home values increase, the same goes for rental prices. What you pay now in rent could very easily cover a mortgage payment, insurance, and taxes. If you purchased a home right now, next year, you might actually have equity in your house. That doesn't happen when you rent.

I Have a Lease

Your credit score falls in the good to excellent range and you saved up a nice chunk of change for your downpayment and closing costs. But you signed a lease. You have a few months left on it. Take a look at your lease agreement to find out whether there is a penalty for breaking it. Sometimes, your landlord won't charge you if the property management company can find another tenant quickly. However, even if they charge a penalty fee, the extremely low interest rates and the possibility for equity buildup may outweigh the cost of the penalty. Discuss this with your lender to make your decision about whether it's worth it.

I Might Be Moving Somewhere Else

If there is a very real possibility that you'll be moving out of the area soon, of course, hold off on buying a house. However, if you've been using this as an excuse for your cold feet, it's not a good one. In the time you "hemmed" and "hawed", you could have bought a Tucson house and already started building equity. Plus, you've probably already endured a few rental increases in that time. Time to rethink that excuse.

I'm Waiting for the Market to Change

The real estate market is cyclical in nature. It goes up. It comes down. Predicting when to expect a change to happen can be difficult...even for the "experts". You could be waiting for years. In the meantime, prices continue to rise. Interest rates might not be far behind. In the long run, real estate continues to offer a higher return than letting your money sit in your savings account. Something to ponder.

I Haven't Found the Perfect House Yet

Finally, you attend every open house you see. You seek out listings online. But you still haven't found "the one"...that perfect property that ticks off all the boxes on your list. Here's a tip for you: unless you design and build it yourself, "the one" isn't out there. Even then, you might discover that what you thought you wanted only sounded good on paper. Most likely, you'll find one that almost fits your idea of the perfect home but it still needs a few tweaks to get exactly right. That's OK. Consider it a definite possibility if it manages to hit at least 80%of your want/need list.

When you are ready to search for a Tucson home, contact me.

Rebecca Schulte, Schulte Real Estate Group, Your Source for Tucson Real Estate

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Sept. 3, 2019

Sonoran Restaurant Week 2019

Calling all Tucson foodies. Your Christmas is almost here. That's right! Sonoran Restaurant Week 2019 takes place beginning this Friday. And the menus sound even more delicious than ever before!

Try out some of your favorites or find a new favorite eatery during Sonoran Restaurant Week 2019 in Tucson.

What: Sonoran Restaurant Week 2019
Where: 33 Tucson restaurants
When: September 6-15
Cost: $25-$35

Sonoran Restaurant Week 2019

Search Tucson homes for saleSouthern Arizona offers a special take on Mexican food like nowhere else. Unique to the area. Sonoran-style food focuses on flour rather than corn tortillas. They roll out their flour tortillas extra thin producing small bubbles when heated up. These bubbles trap smoky flavor inside, adding another dimension to their machaca, al carbon, and carne asada dishes. These simple dishes pack a flavor punch in every bite.

During Sonoran Restaurant Week 2019, more than 30 local restaurants provide pre-fixed, three-course dinner menus to their diners. Each menu has been lovingly crafted by the chefs at each participating restaurant. Prices vary from $25 to $35 per meal or per couple. Proceeds from each meal sold benefits the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

Restaurant Week gives foodies a great opportunity to dine via "chef's choice" at their favorite restaurant or find a new favorite to haunt. One night, enjoy fresh guacamole, a carnitas taco, and Mexican chocolate cake at Blaco Tacos + Tequila. The next night, hit up Reforma for sweet potato taquitos, chipotle pollo pasta, and elote cake. Mid-week, enjoy date night at El Charro Cafe with tortilla soup, mariscos seafood enchiladas, and tres leches cake for dessert. Branch out from Mexican fare for Italian at North Italia, German food at Ten55 Brewing Company or Japanese at Obon Sushi. And those are just six of the 33 restaurants participating in restaurant week. For a complete list, including menus, visit the Sonoran Restaurant Week website here. Reservations aren't required, but feel free to contact the restaurant of your choice ahead of time to inquire about availability if you'd like.

Rebecca Schulte, Schulte Real Estate Group, Your Source for Tucson Real Estate

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Aug. 27, 2019

Tucson Salsa, Tequila and Taco Challenge 2019

Monday is Labor Day. And how do we celebrate? By taking the day off! How do you plan on spending your time? I have a tasty suggestion to start your three-day weekend off right. The Tucson Salsa, Tequila and Taco Challenge 2019!

Dozens of extremely talented chefs and mixologists converge on the La Encantada Shopping Center on Sept 1st for the Tucson Salsa, Tequila and Taco Challenge. But, really, everyone goes home a winner with these tasty treats!

What: Tucson Salsa, Tequila and Taco Challenge 2019
Where: La Encantada Shopping Center (2905 E Skyline Dr)
When: Sunday, September 1st, 7 pm
Admission: $55 General Admission: $85 VIP
Contact: Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance (520) 797-3959 or via email

Tucson Salsa, Tequila and Taco Challenge 2019

Search Tucson homes for saleDozens of extremely talented chefs and mixologists converge on the La Encantada Shopping Center this Saturday to pit their skills against one another. Just as the sun begins to set in Tucson, the excitement heats up. In the past, contestants came up with some amazing choices such as Tequila-infused popsicles, smokeless fire salsa, and vibrantly colored (and flavored) cocktails. The only limits for this contest are the contestants' imagination. Live music keeps things swinging while you sample the offerings of all those competing in this most delicious challenge. Since this is a 21+ only affair, schedule a babysitter for the kids, call up an Uber, and make it a date night with your favorite someone.

Ticket Info

General admission costs $55 per person. With your general admission ticket, sample the variety of options provided by the chefs and mixologists on site. Cast your vote for the winner of the "People's Choice" award. For $30 more per person, receive VIP access. This allows you entry into the challenge one hour earlier than general admission. Plus, utilize the valet service to park your car and enjoy a special Tequila toast in a commemorative shot glass in addition to all that a general admission ticket allows. If you wait until the day of the event, all guests pay an additional $10 per ticket (general admission and VIP). Only 300 VIP tickets are available for purchase. With more than 1000 people in attendance, those tickets may sell out before Saturday. So, you should buy them as soon as possible to guarantee your VIP spot. Simply visit the Tucson Salsa, Tequila and Taco Challenge 2019 website here to get your tickets today.

For a Cause (or Two)

Proceeds from the day's event benefit two local organizations: the Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance (SAACA) and the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. In addition to their educational programs and public art projects, the SAACA provides therapy programs for our local artists and artists-in-training. The food bank provides healthy food for struggling families in Tucson and the surrounding area. You get to enjoy great food and an evening of entertainment. Community members in need gain access to helpful programs. Everyone comes out a winner.

Rebecca Schulte, Schulte Real Estate Group, Your Source for Tucson Real Estate

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Aug. 20, 2019

Top Three Most Popular Room Remodels and Their Cost

They say the kitchen's the heart of a home. It also speaks to most buyers' hearts when they look at a Tucson home to purchase. Tired of the dated look of your property? Thinking about putting it on the market soon? You may want to invest in a bit of updating. But where should you put your remodeling dollars to make the most impact at sale time? Here are the top three most popular room remodels (and their average cost).

If you want to put your Tucson home on the market soon, you may need to update some of the areas of your home first. Which room remodels are the most popular with buyers?

Most Popular Room Remodels


Search Tucson homes for saleKitchens can either make or break many sales. That explains why it's the #1 most popular room remodel. Recent tariff increases on imports also make this one of the costlier rooms to remodel. According to Houzz.com, 28% of homeowners remodeled their kitchens last year at an average cost of $14,000. With new tariffs imposed, expect those costs to increase by around 10%. Homeowners chose newer energy-efficient, stainless steel appliances to replace outdated ones. Open shelving mixed with closed cabinets appears to currently be on-trend. So do vintage fixtures (think "country chic").

Guest Bathroom

The second most popular room remodel in homes last year was the guest bathroom. Approximately 25% of the homeowners that remodeled their properties last year chose the guest bathroom at an average cost of $3500. Much more manageable budget-wise than a kitchen remodel, the guest bathroom should be pleasing to the eye as well as functional. In here, welcome a designer's touch. A beautiful mirror, stylish light fixtures, updated faucet, and pedestal sink are nice. Make sure you include storage area to keep toiletries, cleaners, and other items out of view when not in use.

Master Bathroom

Finally, coming in at 22% of the total room remodels performed last year...the master bathroom. Buyers love kitchens and master suites. So, these are both great rooms to put your remodeling budget to work. On average, homeowners spent around $8000 for this project. Spa-inspired design with soft, soothing colors ranks high with buyers. Smart-home features do as well, such as a wifi-enabled system that controls water temperature and duration and a water-saving showerhead. Check with your local home improvement store for ideas.

Rebecca Schulte, Schulte Real Estate Group, Your Source for Tucson Real Estate

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Aug. 13, 2019

Price Isn't Everything When Buying a Tucson Home

Beautiful hardwood floors. High-end appliances. A swimming pool to die for. A good list price. It's easy to fall in love with a Tucson home that includes amazing amenities at a decent price. However, you can change just about anything inside or out on a property. And the price shouldn't be your sole focus when buying a Tucson home. You still need to be happy with the neighborhood you live in. Otherwise, you'll be miserable until you can get out of there.

When it comes to buying a Tucson home, pricing isn't everything. Avoid "buyer's remorse" by paying attention to the neighborhood it's located in, too.

Why/How Location Matters in Your Tucson Home Purchase

Your Family's Safety

Search Tucson homes for saleFor many homeowners, safety comes at or near the top of your mind when looking at the neighborhood you plan on living in. Websites like CrimeReports.com and CriminalWatchdog.com compile data on reported crimes as well as registered sex offenders in your area. These free websites only require you to enter the address you want to investigate. Once you submit that, they scour their database for information about the neighborhood surrounding the Tucson home you want to buy. You'll also want to know how close you are to hospitals, the fire department, and police in case an emergency arises. Time is of the essence in cases like that. So, you don't want to be a huge distance away from medical care when you need it.

Property Taxes

The amount of property taxes you pay depends on where you live. Finding a great deal on a home in a fantastic neighborhood may not be as great of a deal after you factor in the taxes you pay. Talk to your Tucson REALTOR® about taxes and HOA fees (if applicable) before you put in an offer. You need to include this with the monthly mortgage payment to figure out if the house fits in your budget.


Families want their children to receive a good education. Where you live determines which public school they attend. Also, a home located within the best school district in the city can increase your home's value when it comes time to sell in the future. Check out GreatSchools.org to see how schools in the area of your new home rank.


Staying cooped up in your Tucson home for too long can be more than most folks can take. Therefore, you want your property to be located near conveniences such as shopping, restaurants, and other entertainment. Within walking distance is great. But a short drive is OK, too. Find out about community activities as well as local centers, libraries, and the types of events hosted in your area throughout the year. The livability of your neighborhood helps make you feel that you're more integrated into the community. That's what makes a house a home.

Your Neighbors

Finally, nothing is better than getting information straight from the source. Talk to your potential new neighbors. Let them know you're interested in moving into the community and want to know what they think about the area. Maybe they can offer up some great restaurant or business recommendations as well. Plus, you'll have a friendly face or two when you actually do become a member of the community.

Rebecca Schulte, Schulte Real Estate Group, Your Source for Tucson Real Estate

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Aug. 6, 2019

Free Water Conservation Kits for Tucson Water Customers

Living in a desert climate such as ours, we always look for ways to save on water usage. First, we replace old washers with newer, more efficient models. Then, we only landscape with local flora that require little water to thrive (like those you may have seen at the Sustainable Landscape Expo back in March). After that, we look into rainwater harvesting (yes, it rains in Tucson) and using greywater to irrigate our yards. Now, the Tucson Water Department offers free water conservation kits so that you can lower your household water usage even more.

Order your free water conservation kit from Tucson Water today. Supplies are limited. Only one available per household while supplies last. Save money and save the planet today.

Free Water Conservation Kits

Search Tucson homes for saleIf you are a Tucson Water customer, you're entitled to a free water conservation kit. The kit includes a low-flow showerhead, a shower timer, a toilet tank bag, leak detection dye tabs for your toilet, and a bathroom faucet aerator. Tucson Water limits one kit per household. Visit Tucson Water's Conservation Kit Request site to order your free kit today. They only ask that you choose just the items you intend on using to make sure they get all items into as many local households as possible. If you don't think you'll use certain items in the kit, check "none" in the drop-down menu underneath it. Receive up to two of each item in your kit. Supplies are limited. This offer ends when supplies run out. So, order your kit today!

Save Water, Save Money

I highly recommend that you download a copy of the Smart Home Water Guide to get great ideas about conserving water usage. It comes in both English and Spanish versions. In addition to the free water conservation kits, Tucson Water offers several rebates when you replace your old toilets and washing machine with more efficient models. You may also earn a $1,000 to $2,000 rebate when you implement a rainwater harvesting and/or gray water system at your Tucson home. Special programs provide assistance for low-income families to save money on these projects as well.

We only have one planet. We need to do what we can to preserve her natural resources. Download your free Smart Home Water Guide and then order your free water conservation kit right now. The sooner you start, the better.

Rebecca Schulte, Schulte Real Estate Group, Your Source for Tucson Real Estate

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July 30, 2019

Tucson Activity Guide for Fall through Spring 2019/2020 Now Available

Last weekend, we celebrated the Tucson Summer Quenchfest. Earlier this month, we saw a spectacular fireworks display over the city. Truth be told, there's always something happening in our fair city. In just two days, students in the Tucson Unified School District begin a brand new academic year. Where did the time go? To keep your children and yourself occupied with extra-curricular fun throughout the upcoming months, the Parks and Recreation Department recently released their Tucson Activity Guide for Fall through Spring 2019/2020. The time to sign up for your favorite sport/class/club is right now!

The new Tucson Activity Guide for Fall/Winter/Spring 2019/2020 is now available online. Register soon so you don't miss any of the fun.

Tucson Activity Guide for 2019/2020

Afterschool Programs

Search Tucson homes for saleNeed a safe space for your kids to spend time after school ends? Sign them up for KIDCO. This program takes place from the moment school ends until 6 pm every day that school is in session. Children ages 5 to 11 enjoy sports, games, and other fun activities to keep them busy until you get off work. The program costs $500 per child for the entire year for all Tucson residents. Choose one of several locations around the city for your convenience. 


Whether it's basketball, soccer, karate, tae kwan do, badminton, pickleball or learning various sports-related skills, Tucson Parks and Rec offers it for your little one. Several different activities for children ages three and older allows everyone to hone their skills. It also helps kids build their self-esteem, learn how to be a part of a team, and increase their physical fitness. 

Year-Round Heated Pools

Do you favor aquatic activities? Try one of nine different locations around Tucson that offer heated pools. Edith Ball (Reid Park), Catalina (Dodge Blvd), Clements (Poinciana Dr), and Sunnyside (Bilby Rd) all stay open year-round. The other five locations close during the winter months. Learn to be a lifeguard or water safety instructor. Or simply take these classes to learn valuable safety techniques and procedures. If teens are good enough, they can go through the lifeguard screening process in December to set up a summer job for next year. Must be 15 years old to try.

The Arts

Cultivate you or your child's artistic side with performing arts classes. Sign up for guitar or piano classes. Learn about photography (both digital and 35mm). Take a pottery class (family classes available, too). Learn how to make your own jewelry. Create amazingly unique gifts for friends and family. You can even learn a second or third language with Italian and Spanish classes.

Online Registration

Register online for any of the great classes available through the Tucson Parks & Recreation Department today. Simply visit EZEEreg.com to create your account. But you must sign up before classes begin. Online registration closes once that happens. Discount programs are available but must be applied for before you register. To find out more about discounts and class schedules, download the Tucson Activity Guide here.

Rebecca Schulte, Schulte Real Estate Group, Your Source for Tucson Real Estate

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